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The Nutcracker
The virtual production
December 2021

Nutcracker winter photo.JPG

Since 2004 the Nutcracker has been presented at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion by Heritage. After the 2019 season the pandemic put a halt to this annual tradition. While Heritage Ballet hopes to bring the Nutcracker back on stage next year, as a gift to the community they created this virtual mini production.

Thanks go to Nutcracker alumni: Jocelyn Regina, Jack Brezina, Julianne vanLieshout, Tim Nicholson, Jessica Bishop, Tamara Poropat, Madeline Hopkins, Sonya Flatman, Loretta Kerr, Christine Bishop, Rebecca Hamilton, Jordyn Archer-Brown, and Amanda vanLieshout.

The dancers in this virtual Production are: Alyssa Morissette, Sophie Longo, Lily Manning, Avery Bullock, Chloe Morissette,

and Alexis Dacey

Thank you to the van Lieshout family, Dani Smolen, and Bill Kerr.

Choreography by Julie Barban.

DH3 made a contribution to support the ongoing work of Heritage Ballet and the annual production of the Nutcracker with assistance from the Government of Canada through the Canadian Arts Presentation Fund.

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