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As the COVID-19 pandemic turned our world topsy-turvy and all public events were cancelled for the summer, our DH3 committee turned to Throwdown Collective and local musician and composer Nick Russell.

Throwndown exercize 2.png

We asked them, "Can you create a performance in your separate homes that will inspire others to keep dancing here, there and every where?" Always up for a challenge Throwdown choreographed and produced "a day in the life at home during the lockdown". Working closely with Nick  as he created the original soundtrack, Throwdown used the simple movements of their every day lives to create a unique performance of movement and dance.

Nick Russell.jpg

We hope that Throwdown's dance performance created from their daily activities and Nick's music will inspire your own performance.  

Show us your COVID-19 lockdown moves

How did you spend your COVID-19 lockdown time? Did you sleep in? Catch up on reading? Have lots of screen time? Work on the front lines? Get in shape? Do lots of cooking? Learn a new skill? We asked contemporary dance troupe, Throwdown Collective, to show us how they spent their time.

This what they sent us!

What do your COVID-19 lockdown moves look like?

Share a piece of your story.  We will use your video clips together with Throwdown’s to show how, although we are apart, we all can still dance here, there and everywhere.

Choose a music soundbite from Nick Russell’s original composition for the video.

Record a 30 – 40 second video clip to the music soundbite you choose showing us moves from your COVID lockdown experience.

Share your video clip with us by uploading to our Google Drive

Post and share your clip on social media using the hashtag #throwdownathome and tag us on Instagram @dancehappenshere on Facebook @dancehappensherehaliburton

Have fun with more hashtags and spread the word (#QuarantineMoves #quarantinedance #distancedancing #coviddancechallenge #danceathome #lockdowndiaries)

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